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Living The Law of Attraction

Each individual has a lot of untapped potential in himself. Are you aware that every experience that you have undergone in life till now is because of your thoughts and emotions behind these thoughts? Examine your life. You are happy with some of the conditions and unhappy with others. Most of us end up believing that we are a victim of destiny. But that is far from the truth. Life is a beautiful game and like every game it also has Laws which we need to understand in depth to win this game.

Your belief system has a lot of hand in building and shaping your attitude. The fruits of your actions that you perform are very much dependent on what attitude you carry. Success can only come to you if you believe in yourself. Attitude is the key which shapes your actions and ultimately will result in success or failure.

“Thoughts are things”. This is a very true statement. Each of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are real, nothing imaginary and unrealistic about them. They have life and spiritual substance. Every experience that we go through has its origins in the non physical. Each thought that is born in our mind is a seed. Each time we think about an idea, we are watering it and fertilizing it when we put our emotion into the thought. The more we strongly believe in our desire and visualize it, the faster it will become a reality in our life.

So how are our beliefs linked to the law of attraction? If you want to be successful, but you don’t feel you are worthy of it, your actions will clearly give an indication. If you do not act like people who have been successful you will never walk the path of success. What you believe in influence your actions and the things that you attract into your life depend on your actions.

The Law of Attraction, is undoubtedly the strongest of all the Universal Laws. To put it in few words “Like attracts like” or “That which is likened unto itself is drawn”. It means that whatever we focus on by means of our thoughts, we will have it in our life. If we focus on what we want we will attract it, on the other hand, if we focus on what we don’t want we will attract it too!

The Law is very simple. Our thoughts are very haphazard and short living. For instance, when you say “ I want a brand new trendy sportscar”, the same moment the Universe begins deliberations for your wish to become a reality. But then in the same breath you say “But I can’t afford it” and you dispel all that Universe was deliberating to make your wish come true.

Many of us also go through a time when we need something pretty badly, but do not get it. For instance, take money. You wish to have a steady flow of income, but you are not able to. What you think at this time is not about how to create it but other issues like paying bills, money being evil or you just feel that you can't get a steady source of income. The focal point at this point of time should be how to create money, but you do exactly opposite – focus on lack of money. Obviously, this will not help you create it.

The good thing to do is to focus on good things and what you want. You should realize that what you want radiate and transmit in the form of mental waves is what you end up attracting into your life. There is nothing more crucial than feeling good. How you feel and where you focus on, is what you will surely attract. This is a fact and you have to accept it.

As mentioned before, The Law of Attraction refers to the principle that "thought can influence chance" and that the thoughts we have can greatly affect the things in our life. The Law of Attraction is more focused on the influence of thinking to get good and beneficial results.

The universe is abundant. There is no dearth, its only our view of it. There is always ample amount of what you ask and you should strive for it. It is everybody’s right to be wealthy and enjoy equally at all levels. There is nothing that you cannot be in this world. You have to build this kind of confidence and mindset into yourself.

Now that you are aware about the mechanism of the Law, make use of it. When you wish for something, say, a sportscar, but feel you can’t afford it become aware that you are transmitting thoughts which convey the message of scarcity. So you end up with being more scarce. So by changing our thoughts and emotions we can use them like a magnet to attract what we want.

Every one of us would be delighted if we had a magic genie who would make true every wish that we have garnered in our life. But the fact is we need not possess anything like a genie to make this happen. There is a lot of power endowed into us. We just have to discover and unleash it for our benefit.

Change is the only thing permanent in life. It may sound clich├ęd but it is a well known fact. If you want to achieve something you have to put in efforts to change. The change that you bring into your life will result in you attracting better things. It can successfully bring about a drastic change in yourself, you will definitely see far better things getting attracted into your life.

So think about things that you need to plan and do differently. You are attracting something in your life, so now is the right moment to start attracting what you wish. You may require some time figuring out what needs to be done, but it is only you who will have to implement these changes. So do not waste time wondering if the law of attraction is applicable to you. Instead, examine things that you do for their appropriateness in attracting things that you wish.

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